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Halloween Community Fun for Everyone

Here are some easy and quick Halloween ideas to roll out in YOUR community this year!

The Haunted House

When we think of Halloween, a few things come to mind, and one of those is the traditional good ol' haunted house! Hosting your own frightening fun house may be a lot to under-take, but making it a block party or community event lends to plenty of helping hands, and Halloween fun!

Haunted houses have no rules, so you can have free range to be as elaborate or modest as you like! Hosting one in a garage is a great idea; using inexpensive black drape and faux cob webs to cover the walls, and playing eerie music can make a huge impact!

Try enlisting some local high-school theater students around the neighborhood to volunteer as spooky characters, and really make the house come to life! Getting the whole neighborhood involved can make this a freakishly fun activity that can become an annual celebration to look forward to. 

Pumpkin Carving Contest

Classic! Have everyone in the community grab their pumpkins, and give them a few hours to create their Halloween masterpiece. At the end, select a panel of judges to pick the winners based on the criteria of your choosing.  Then, display the pumpkins for all of the night's trick-or-treaters to see! 

Create Your Own Scary Outdoor Movie Theater

Drive in movies are NOT a thing of the past anymore! Try this simple trick this year to play some classic Halloween favorites for the community to come gather and see!

All you need is a clothing line, a large white sheet, and a projector.  Hang the sheet on the clothing line (this must be done after dark), and project a movie onto it for a homey fun experience. Ask your local library to rent their projector screen and the dimensions suitable for display, and enjoy! 

For more tips on creating your own outdoor theater, click here.

Halloween Bake Sale

We LOVE sweets on Halloween! What better way to round up the spirit than to have a community spooky bake sale! Come up with your best treats and set up a stand in your neighborhood. Turn this into a festive fundraiser and donate the earnings to a good cause. You can also use the left over sweets as trick-or-treater's a win-win, win! 

When is Your Community Celebrating?

Check your local news site or contact your Town Hall to find out when your community is officially celebrating Halloween this year.